"I have a larger house so there are a lot of things to be done. Alan does them all. I’m amazed at his versatility and his craftsmanship. Once, I was thinking about replacing all my wood windows because they looked old and worn out. Alan, instead, sanded and repaired them, then repainted the windows. They now look like new. My husband is happy because Alan saved us approximately $20,000 by restoring instead of replacing the windows. His other work has included drywall
repair, leveling a sagging deck, upgrading light fixtures, refinishing
cabinets, replacing a fallen dryer vent, custom install of speaker/TV cables,
and much more. Working with Alan is easy: just give him a punch list and let
him do his thing."
                                               Stacey Griffin, Real Estate Broker, Allen Tate Realtors Concord

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Brokers are our priority

We can help your listings sell more quickly

     Our home repair services for Real Estate Brokers include the following:

  • Pre-showing repairs and updates as soon as you get the listing. We'll work with you to get the listing ready for showing. As the real estate professional, you usually know what a listing needs to be marketable. 
  • We can work from a punch list developed from a home inspection report. You don't have to call six different contractors. In most cases, we can handle all the issues identified by the home inspection.
  • Buyers' pre-move in customization. We can update/upgrade/repair to suit the Buyers' tastes and needs. Often, this can be done before the Buyers take possession and move into their new houses.
Serving Cabarrus and Mecklenburg counties