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More Customer Testimonials

"As the owner of a rental property, I have to keep my costs under control. Alan does only what I ask of him, and he does it well. He shows up when he says he will. Also, he finds cost-effective ways to fix the problem. Alan excels at repairs; he doesn't just want to rip out and replace. And just as important to me, my tenant likes

him and feels good having him in her home to do the repairs."
                                                                            Mabel Turner, Concord

 "I needed my deck refinished. Alan did a beautiful job and also fixed a ticking porch door that I had put up with. I asked him to paint some old brass hinges-a difficult job that turned out very well. He also custom built some baffles tokeep the birds from nesting in my porch. Whatever I've asked, Alan comes through." 

 Mrs. Gladys H., Concord

"Alan has done a lot of work for me over the years. Some projects were small, other were very large and complex. I never had to worry about his work. I just turned the
projects over to him, and they would be done perfectly. If I could describe
Alan in one word, that word would be “meticulous”. In a world of sloppy work,
you’ll want to hire Alan. He’ll do the job right."
                                                                       Dave Maurer, Concord, NC

"I’m a Do-It-Your-Selfer, but I’ve hired Alan to do the things I didn't want to do. His work greatly exceeded my expectations. Whenever I asked him a question, he didn't talk down to me. He answered me with honesty and respect. No B.S. He also showed me some tips for doing my own work. I really appreciate his work, and I appreciate his help. He is a real professional."
                                                                        Jay Ratcliff, Rock Hill, SC

"I’ve worked on several jobs as a roofing subcontractor for Alan. At all times he was professional, he treated me with respect, and he was on time for our meetings!
He also pays on time. I hope to continue to work with him on future projects."
                                                  Jeff Church, GHC Roofing, Cornelius, NC

"I’ve done guttering and exterior trim work for Alan for several years. He’s easy to work with. He knows what he’s doing and helps me do my job. I like working with him, and I think you will too."
                                               Baylen Monroe, Concord Gutter Service, NC

 "When I had a problem with my windows, Alan came quickly and on time. Unlike other contractors, he actually listened to me and was very professional. Count me
100% satisfied. I am going to have him do all my future projects. And, I’m
going to recommend him to all my neighbors and friends."
                                                                          Dorothy H. Charlotte, NC

"Alan replaced my old shower rods which were loose on the walls. He also refinished my deck and made it look like new. And unlike a lot of contractors, Alan cleans up the worksite after the job is done. It's like he was never there, except that the problem is fixed. I’m so happy with his work. I’ll be calling him again."                                                                    Louise H., Concord

"Alan installed two flat screen TV’s for us. He also properly installed some
foundation vents, correcting the builder’s mistakes. I could tell he is very
precise because he hung a large, heavy mirror EXACT
LY where I wanted.
I was very pleased with Alan’s work and will hire him again."
                                                                  Ben Kwiatkowski, Charlotte

"Alan repaired most of the window screens in my house. When his cost turned out to be less than he estimated, he lowered his price to me. Who does that anymore? Alan also repaired some wood rot in my front door. I thought I would have to replace the entire door, but his work was excellent, and my door looks great. I figure he saved me around $2000 by repairing instead of replacing."

                                                                      Kim Schiaudone, Concord

"I am very pleased with all the work Alan has done for me. He is punctual and resourceful. Alan is also a good problem solver for all the unusual challenges I give him. I will definitely hire him again and recommend him to you."
                                                                         Lianne G., Concord

"Alan has done a lot of repairs for me over the last few years. I just don’t have the

time so I appreciate when Alan takes care of things. He’ll recommend small
repairs to keep them from becoming big repairs. He’s my handyman, but I’ve already referred him to all my friends in my neighborhood."
                                                                                    Mary T, Concord

"I have a larger house so there are a lot of things to be done. Alan does them all. I’m
amazed at his versatility and his craftsmanship. Once, I was thinking about
replacing all my wood windows because they looked old and worn out. Alan,
instead, sanded and repaired them, then repainted the windows. They now look
like new. My husband is happy because Alan saved us approximately $20,000 by
restoring instead of replacing the windows. His other work has included drywall
repair, leveling a sagging deck, upgrading light fixtures, refinishing
cabinets, replacing a fallen dryer vent, custom install of speaker/TV cables,
and much more. Working with Alan is easy: just give him a punch list and let
him do his thing."
                    Stacy Griffin, Real Estate Broker, Allen Tate Realtors Concord

"I worked as Alan's helper for a year. I always admired his attention to detail, and

his insistence on quality work. I've since moved out of state, but I will always

appreciate his mentorship. I can now do home repairs for myself. Thanks, Dad."

                                                                      David Stafford, Laurel, MD

"Alan and I have worked together on a major remodeling and renovation project.
His custom work is excellent as is his craftsmanship. He’s also real particular.
He doesn’t cut corners. Everything I’ve seen him do, he does well. You’ll want to
hire this guy."
                                                                             Tom Rotundo, Concord

"When I wanted to upgrade a shower faucet in my house, I found that some of the parts were no longer available. Alan found a way to upgrade the appearance without replacing the mixing valve. This alone saved me hundreds of dollars. He also repaired a hole in my ceiling and matched the existing paint almost perfectly.

I would recommend him to anyone."                                                                                                                                                      Mathew K, Concord